Quick fixes that Apple did by launching iOS 12!

It may not look like that iOS 12 has bought in a lot of changes, but whatever changes it has done are remarkable. However, we will have to dig really deep to find out what exactly are the improvements that are being made with this update. As always, Apple tried its best to overstep its previous attempts, and bring out some mind-blowing with this new iOS update. The main aim that Apple wishes to fulfill by launching the new iOS version is to step up the performance of even some of its older models. With this iOS upgrade, users can expect much better performance with various applications like Siri, FaceTime etc., and at the same time, the users will also experience a lot of difference in the usage of the phone after updating iOS 12.

Apple iOS 12 update is at the moment a free of cost which is available for all users. This iOS 12 update is supported by all the devices which presently operate on iOS 11. Even the iPhone 5S is supported by this release. This new update has indeed done a lot of improvement and has bought in a lot of changes in the old Apple phones. Let’s explore some of the key features and fixes done by iOS 12.

Enhanced notification features

The newest addition to the notification feature is the Notification Grouping. This is one such option which allows the user to automatically group a number of notifications from the same application. This implies, that the user will not get a block of notifications from one app when the most recent notification blows up.

There are a lot of features which are present in iOS 12 that help the users to manage all those bugging notifications. The user just has to get into the Settings, and the Notification section in order to set them as per the need. Here, you can easily select which apps should send you the notification, which shouldn’t. Also, you can adjust the placement of notification, as when whether it should appear on the banner or the lock screen etc. You can even fine-tune the sounds.

Much improved Do Not Disturb Section

Do Not Disturb feature of the new Apple iOS 12 update is much more advanced and improved. It is programmed to understand a lot of things on its own. Therefore, it is actually turning out to be very attractive, and at the same time extremely useful for the users. It lets iPhone users rest, and cut away from the phone whenever it is a must, like during the bedtime. The Do Not Disturb modes will automatically shut down the required processes as per the set time. This means, Do Not Disturb is based on the information like the time, the location as well as when you perform a certain task. Like, if you have set Do Not Disturb option during the sleep time, then it will automatically turn down the display and hides all the notifications on the lock screen of the iPhone until the morning.

Photo App is more advanced

The photo application for iPhone has been a talk of the town. People had earlier preferred the competitor’s photo app more than iPhone’s due to a variety of reasons. However, Apple has tried to transform its photo application as now the application is capable of grouping the keywords as well as provide certain recommendations when a user tries to key in the text inside the search section. A fresh For You tab is a new add-on which is aimed to recommend photos that the user would like to share as well as the contacts with which the user would like to share it. The suggestion is centered on the person who is there in the photos. The feature has turned out to be very beneficial for the people who wish to share a large number of pics with a lot of people, especially, after a party.

Listed above are some of the top, and the most talked about features or fixes done by Apple by introducing iOS 12. Apart from this, Apple has certainly fulfilled its aim of bettering the performance of the iPhones with this release. The phones have started performing faster after updating. At the same time, new animation, customized emoji, improved Face ID etc. are some of the other new introductions which are creating a buzz in the iPhone market. People seem to be happy with this update, and Apple has certainly raised the bar by introducing this iOS 12.



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