Top 7 WordPress speed optimization mistakes to be avoided

Ever wondered why your WordPress site has suddenly slowed down? How fast should your website be? And what is an accurate loading time? Well, these questions are crucial when it comes to have a better website ranking and engage with your potential clients. It is a well-known fact that the ideal load time for letting your site rank on the top should not exceed more than 3 seconds.

In this article, we will be looking at a few common mistakes made by the WordPress developers that can ruin your chances of getting higher ranks on the search engines and how you can actually overcome it.

Not Minifying the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files

We are aware of the code optimization for a website as it helps to remove all of the unwanted code from the HTML, CSS, and JS parts including the lines, comments, and white spaces. By taking the preferred actions, your site is much likely to improve its load time.

How to resolve it?

Redirecting to multiple HTTP requests

Your WordPress website is not a static entity, but it grows and changes as the time passes by. That is the reason why we need to keep a neat structure to maintain the health of the website.

How to resolve it?

The Static page Resources are not well cached

All of the HTML, CSS, images, and JavaScript files that help to make your pages appear attractive and effective are defined as the static resources or core resources for every website. But this can be urn out into a quick burden on web performance if you do not prefer to cache them.

How to resolve it?

Not optimizing your Images

This is one of the bitterest topics for all people who want to deal with web performance optimization. But there is no other way around and hence before uploading any new images or reconsidering the old ones, you need to check whether they are perfectly optimized for a quick loading page.

How to resolve it?

Going for Cheap hosting options

When we speak about the hosting provides, cheap and free sounds tempting. But have you given a thought on how badly it can affect your website? Well, a cheap hosting plan comes with a lot of restrictions that end up hurting your website and oblige you to upgrade to an advanced plan.

How to resolve it?

Using a traditional version of PHP

PHP is used as a server-side coding language for all of the WordPress websites. It is an evolving code because the more efficient your PHP version is there are higher chances of your website to perform faster.

How to resolve it?

Not checking Website speed on a regular basis

Many website admins make this mistake collectively but it can strongly result in bad results. Once you get to know how to check your website speed, it is vital to do it on a consistent basis.

How to resolve it?

Wrap Up

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Originally published at on August 6, 2019.

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